Our values

Organic Manufacturing


The philosophy of our company is based on the need to build a world together with others which is more in harmony with nature, respectful of the environment, crops and soils. We do this by marketing products which are only made from organic and ecological ingredients, needing neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.



Local industries and sustainable development


With a more responsible broad based approach, respectful of the environment and by endeavoring to go further, we are now totally committed to the manufacturing of organic pasta.

We have built several partnerships in order to develop local industries. Our pastas contain Provencal small einkorn (small durum wheat), chestnuts from the Ardeche, large einkorn (large durum wheat), buckwheat, chick peas, and even lentils. Many raw materials sourced in France develop and add value to the soil and encourage the local organic and other French farmers, in different areas, to expand their organic farming business.

Since 2014, some of our supplies of durum wheat come from our area; a local channel that we intend to develop in the years to come.

Using local suppliers has a double benefit by shortening the distance covered by them and therefore limiting the production of greenhouse gas.


Quality and innovation

Since 2008, many new inventions have been created in our Avignon work shop. On a day to day basis the world of pasta provides a lot of new ideas which prompt the imagination.

One of the essential policies to which we adhere is bringing taste and pleasure to the palate by using the unusual combination of ingredients like lemon and poppy seeds, spicy flavor of saffron, or chopped fresh basil.

Provence is also the cradle of the Cretan diet and we focus on the nourishing qualities of our products by reconciling taste and nutrition. Our inventions use the omega 3 in linseed, as well as pulses, seaweed or einkorn (durum wheat).

Over the years we have tried to preserve the quality of local products from being compromised by mass production and industrial solutions.