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Exchanges with nearby Italy have marked Provence in it’s history and culture. Thus, pasta, the pride of Italian cooking, is also well known in the provencal culinary heritage, especially as the consumption of fresh pasta was widely spread throughout the area since the XVI century.

Since 1936 and through the years, S.A.P.A has been the manufacturer of hand crafted dried pasta in Provence thus carrying on and perfecting the art of the Italian Pasta master craftsmen.

Today, the “Lazzaretti” brand, the name of the company’s founder, specialises in the manufacturing of organic pasta. This is produced in a traditional manner, with slow drying at a low temperature and the pasta rolled out and extruded in the old fashioned way.

Today we offer a wide range of organic pasta, starting with classics such as spaghetti and durum wheat shells, to the more subtle and elaborate recipes. Thus combining the nutritional value of cereals such as Durum wheat (Einkorn) or Quinoa with the flavour of herbs like basil, garlic, and the delicious taste of saffron as well as the use of fresh eggs for a smoother texture. Previously limited to our region alone, the marketing of Lazzaretti organic pasta has spread gradually beyond the Provencal borders to every area in France




Important dates :

  • Having emigrated in 1936 from Italy, the Lazzaretti family decided to bring, to its newly adopted area, all the culinary knowledge of its mother country. The first machine was installed in Avignon, and the brand of Lazzaretti pasta was created.
  • In 1981, the S.A.P.A (The Avignon Company of Hand crafted Pasta) was established.
  • As the company began modernising their site, more modern machines were installed, and a grain silo was directly connected to the production plant to allow automatic bagging.
  • The identity of the SAPA really began taking shape at the end of the 1980s and although still non conformist at this time, the company began the manufacturing and marketing of organic pasta. Perseverance, combined with consumer awareness for environmental protection, has confirmed our mutual core values which are based on a more friendly agriculture.
  • As from 2008, a new page opened under the symbol of innovation, and the company saw its most important changes, with new quality investments, manufacturing and research and developement. The range has expanded, and new recipes have seen the light of day, with ingredients chosen for their taste and nutritional input. The increasing shapes of organic pasta give our customers a wider choice.